We offer comprehensive dental services encompassing family, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry all in one place.

Tooth Whitening

Has that cheeky evening glass of red, daily caffeine hit, or casual cigarette turned your teeth a little dull or yellow? Don’t worry, our professional teeth-whitening services will bring back your bright and white smile. Using our specific dentist-only formula we can help you remove years of stains and discoloration in as little as one week. Unlike the off-the-shelf formulas, our treatment is safe and highly effective, so book a free consultation today to discuss the best whitening treatment plan for you.

Porcelain Crowns & Onlays

Teeth are hardy things, but sometimes years of grinding, a large filling or a root canal can weaken a tooth. When this happens, a porcelain crown or onlay can restore your tooth to its former glory. A crown is a long-lasting porcelain cover that sits over the entire visible part of your tooth. An onlay is a partial cover that can be a simple and effective alternative to a crown in cases that require less intervention. Both treatments will strengthen the tooth and help prevent large cracks from forming or worsening, which can have devastating and painful consequences.

Crown and onlay treatments take two appointments to complete. We’ll start by carefully and precisely measuring your tooth. Then, we’ll send the specifics to our trusted laboratory in Melbourne to prepare your crown/onlay. Next, we’ll place a temporary crown/onlay on your tooth to protect it until your porcelain restoration is ready. Two weeks later, we’ll fit your custom porcelain crown/onlay, which will have been carefully crafted to suit the size, shape and colour of your teeth.

Braces/Clear Aligners

At Lincoln Road Dental, we can help you achieve that perfect straight-toothed smile using traditional orthodontics (braces) or clear aligners. Braces are brackets and wires attached to each tooth. They’re visible, but their exactness makes them the best solution in complex cases. Braces are gradually tightened throughout the treatment so that your teeth move into the desired position slowly. Clear aligners are discreet, custom-made trays that are changed every two weeks. Each progressive aligner gently moves your tooth to its desired final position.

In your first consultation, we’ll carefully consider your teeth, face and bite using a combination of models, photographs and X-rays. Then, we’ll discuss which treatment is best for you.

Root Canal

All teeth have nerves and blood vessels inside, which can become damaged by decay, cracks or trauma. When this happens, bacteria can get into the nerve and cause infection and pain. Root canals are the best way to stop infected or decayed teeth from aching, and they also prevent further damage. Although root canals often get a bad rap for being painful, they’ll actually make you feel a whole lot better and can save your tooth from removal.

A root canal takes two to three appointments to complete. In the first appointment, we numb and gently clean the affected tooth to remove any bacteria inside it. In the follow-up appointments, we clean the inside of the tooth a little more and fill it to prevent bacteria from reinfecting the empty canals. If the initial crack or decay has weakened your tooth, you may need a crown. A crown will seal the inside of your tooth, strengthening it so you can chew, and your tooth can function as normal again.


Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to a tooth that’s become too decayed to restore or one that’s been damaged from an accident or sporting mishap. When this happens, our state-of-the-art tooth implants can replace your missing teeth so that you can feel more confident and comfortable with appearance and functionality. Providing a long-lasting solution, implants fill the space left by a missing tooth and also prevent the collapse and degeneration of the bone and surrounding teeth.

Dental implants are comprised of two elements – one replaces the hidden root component of the tooth, while the other replaces the visible crown of the tooth. Implant placement starts with a thorough assessment of the bone health and once we determine the optimal position in the bone, we install a small titanium screw. While this may sound painful, there’s generally very little pain associated with the procedure. Within a matter of weeks, the screw will form a strong connection to the bone and once it’s integrated, we can attach a replacement porcelain tooth and fill the gap left by the missing tooth. This replacement tooth will be very hard to discern from your real teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells bonded to the underlying natural tooth. They’re the best way to transform worn, stained, chipped and crooked teeth into a youthful, vibrant and beautiful new smile. At Lincoln Road Dental, we partner with a master ceramicist in Abbotsford to create custom-made porcelain veneers that perfectly suit your smile and facial features.

Your treatment will take four to five appointments to complete. We’ll start with a full evaluation of your teeth and facial features through photos and a 3D scan. Then, we’ll take time to discuss expectations for your new smile. We’ll share this information with our master ceramicist, who’ll create a digital image and wax models of how your final teeth will look. This process allows us to fine tune any alterations before we even touch your teeth. Preparing your teeth for veneers is straightforward and only takes a single appointment. We’ll place temporary veneers that closely mimic the porcelain ones, to give you a feel for the final look. Two weeks later, we’ll insert your final custom porcelain veneers so you can go home with a dazzling new smile!

Composite Resin Veneers

Small chips and gaps can have a big impact on your smile and confidence. Composite resin veneers are the perfect way to disguise these minor cosmetic irregularities, giving the appearance of a perfect smile. Unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneers can be done entirely in one visit and do not require any preparation of the underlying tooth.

We start by thoroughly cleaning your teeth, then we add small increments of resin to each section of worn or chipped tooth, building them back to their original shape. This instantly removes the old and worn appearance that’s common with aging. Even the smallest addition can have a huge impact on your smile.

Dental Emergencies

At Lincoln Road Dental, we know dental emergencies happen when you least expect them. If you’re experiencing a toothache, facial trauma or a broken tooth, our team will do everything we can to ensure you’re out of pain and on your way to a quick and pain-free dental solution.

General Dentistry

Prevention is the best cure and it’s also by far the most affordable! Regular dental check-ups every six months will help you avoid costly dental treatment and allow us to customise a treatment plan to suit your needs. During your examinations, we’ll assess your jaw joint and muscles, gum and tooth health, cosmetics and function. We’ll also take photos and low-dose radiation X-rays to create an accurate diagnosis and record changes in the oral cavity. After this detailed assessment we can customise a treatment plan to reflect your dental goals and set you on the path to long-term dental health. At each visit, our highly skilled hygienists, will gently and thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any plaque and calculus build up and demonstrate how to keep your gums healthy between appointments. A mineral deposit on your teeth that’s impossible to brush off, calculus is home to millions of bacteria that cause bad breath, bleeding gums, and can even loosen your teeth.

Fissure Seals

Teeth are groovy, but not in a good way. In fact, the grooves and fissures on the top of your teeth can trap food, plaque and debris, creating the perfect environment for decay. By using sealants to fill these fissures and removing the niche that bacteria love so much, we can make your teeth more resistant to decay.

White Fillings

We may diagnose dental decay during one of your routine visits. If that happens, a filling is the best way to prevent the cavity from getting bigger. It’s a good idea to treat decay early to ensure the filling is as small as possible. The larger a filling is, the weaker the tooth becomes and the more likely you'll need further treatment down the line. Your white filling will match the original colour and contour of your tooth, so it blends seamlessly into your mouth.

Broken & Cracked Teeth

Tooth enamel is the hardest and most durable substance in the body, but regular grinding or a large filling can still cause a tooth to crack. The good news is that by diagnosing and treating a crack early during a routine visit, we can help you avoid more extensive and expensive issues, such as root canals or losing the tooth entirely.

Wisdom Teeth

Some lucky people’s wisdom teeth grow in without any problems or don’t grow in at all. For everyone else, wisdom teeth are party crashers, showing up late and causing grief. Often, problems arise because there isn't enough space for your wisdom teeth to grow into. When this happens, they can become impacted or stuck in the jaw, causing pain, recurrent infection, bad breath, decay, cysts or abscesses. While these issues generally start around late adolescence or early adulthood, they may also cause problems later in life. Having your wisdom teeth assessed regularly is the best way to avoid issues before they start. If you're experiencing problems or we foresee that you will, getting your wisdom teeth removed may be the best solution. Our team will help you understand the risks and benefits of wisdom-tooth removal and the most suitable treatment option for you. This can be under local anaesthetic in the dental chair or under general anaesthetic in a hospital setting.