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pearly whites

At Lincoln Road Dental we’re passionate about caring for a community of healthy teeth and big confident smiles. We’re a friendly bunch who take pride in building a practice that offers the very best in dental care.

Lincoln Road Dental is re-imagining what the dental experience can be and proudly setting a new standard for patient care.

Unless we feel discomfort, we often forget about the health of our teeth and gums. However, it pays to keep our teeth top of mind as routine dental check-ups can help avoid painful and costly procedures later down the line.

It pays to check up

Teeth are resilient but just like us they need some TLC from time to time. From teeth whitening to root canals, we offer an extensive range of comprehensive dental care to give your teeth the love they need.

show your teeth some love

We’re under no illusions, we know most people don’t really look forward to visiting the dentist. That’s why we pay particular attention to helping you and your kids feel relaxed when you’re sitting in the waiting room and in the chair.

Nervous? That’s completely normal.

A healthier smile
is just around the corner.

Set in a renovated 1900’s weatherboard home, our beautiful local practice is warm and welcoming. Since 1984 we’ve been looking after Melbourne’s northern community and have fast become one of the most established and trusted dental clinics in Essendon.


At our dental clinic, we've mastered the art of enhancing natural beauty with a meticulous eye for detail. We've been creating stunning, authentic smiles for years.


Explore a comprehensive range of dental services that cater to your entire family. With Lincoln Road Dental, your dental needs are in expert hands. Join our dental family and experience excellence in oral care.


Embracing cutting-edge technology while looking ahead, our clinic is equipped with the latest advancements. From digital X-rays to 3D scanning, we've tailored our tools to make your visit smooth and comfortable. Your well-being matters, and so does our commitment to a greener tomorrow.